Hemp limes & ECO build constructions

Saint-Astier Hemp Limes Solutions
eco friendly - sustainable - insulating - healthy

Hemp and Lime construction, renovation and retrofit methods are used primarily to create eco-friendly, sustainable and insulating floors, walls, partitions and attics. Using SAINT-ASTIER@ Hemp-Lime® Solutions with carefully selected and calibrated hemp you reduce the overall CO2 “footprint” of your project. When Saint-Astier designed binders are mixed with hemp, it produces a lightweight, insulating material which is also highly breathable, with a high elasticity, excellent longevity. When applied, thanks to its specific properties, the Saint-Astier® Hemp solutions will provide thermal comfort and humidity regulation in the room. These are some of the intrinsic characteristics of Hemp Lime Solutions by SAINT-ASTIER®.

Hemp is a well-known historical material used for centuries. It was used to make rope for ships, clothes, and insulation mortars… Hemp culture provides benefits for soil depollution.

Thanks to its unique physical properties (breathability, elasticity, humidity regulation, thermal insulation associated with thermal mass…), Hemp is the most suitable solution to improve the internal comfort of traditional buildings and to provide a healthy environment in new build constructions.

Aside from the environmental impact, there is the aesthetic value added by using Saint-Astier® Hemp solutions.

Hemp is a natural material easy to work and which respects the original shape or to straighten up the wall. By using Saint-Astier® Hemp solutions, we can achieve nice and polished finishing, create traditional raw finish, or design innovating finishes…Hemp Walls can also be finished by applying Saint-Astier® Lime paints, Saint-Astier® NHL2 lime mortars or other sustainable finishing.

Last but not least, Saint-Astier® Hemp Mortar Solution has a very high fire resistance classification which contributes to make your place safer.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, because hemp is a vegetal material and its quality can be highly variable, it has to be controlled and inheld the minimum performance required in Building constructions.

Yes you can smoke it but it will not provide any ‘stoned’ effect.

Yes extra hemp can be laid on your garden to prevent with the grow of wide grass.
Yes we do propose Session in our Training centre in London or directly on jobsite in UK and as well in our Head office in France.

Saint-Astier® Hemp Lime Solutions contribute to make your Home
Safer and Healthier place to live in!