LC****® – PURE NHL 3.5

LC**** is a 100% natural lime without additives. It’s recognized for constant quality over years & comes from uniform chalky limestone deposits and in the mastering of the production process from the extraction to the slaking process. This lime has a natural and constant ‘whiteness’ which preserves the sand colour of the final mortar. Its versatility results from its subtile balance among its flexibility, its resistance against agression (frost, salts…) and its breathability.

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25 KG25 KG
BagBagPallet (40 bags)Pallet (40 bags)


Shelf life and Guarantee
12 months from production date if kept sealed in original container and stored in dry conditions. Manufacturer Civil Responsibility.

Suitable backgrounds
Lath work/Lime concrete/Injection/Grouting/Rendering/Pointing/Capping/Masonry/Ashlar. Before starting, always try on a small test area.

Working Temperature
Not below 8oC or above 30oC. Ensure high suction substrates are thoroughly dampened before application. Avoid rapid drying due to high temperatures and strong winds by covering and curing with a light water mist as necessary.

Can be mixed in a cement mixer or using a whisk. Maintain slow revolutions (about 450-700 rpm) to prevent adding too much air that could change the properties of the mix. Mixing time must be at least 5 minutes until you obtain a uniform consistency with no lumps. Mixing manually does not guarantee an adequate mix. For Reworkable mortar, contact us. Once the mix is ready is should be left to stand for approx. 5 minutes before use to allow proper development of the binder.

Health and Safety: Follow the instructions on the safety data sheet and wear appropriate equipment (gloves, mask, safety shoes…)

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Bag weight

25 KG


Bag, Pallet (40 bags)