SAINT-ASTIER® Ready Mix O-c Render is sprayable and is designed to achieve a Timeless and Perfect finish.
SAINT-ASTIER® O-c Render is available in various Grain from the Finest to the Largest and in a wide range of Colour.

  • Excellent waterproofing
  • Low capillarity
  • High Breathability
  • Elasticity
  • Customized colours made to order saving substantially on the cost of painting and maintenance
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020020023023026026029029057057072072075075078078086086092092Other colour (contact us)Other colour (contact us)
25 KG25 KG
BagBagPallet (40 bags)Pallet (40 bags)


Shelf life and Guarantee
12 months from production date if kept sealed in original container and stored in dry conditions. Manufacturer Civil Responsibility.

Working Temperature
Not below 5° C or above 30° C. Masonry units must be free of dust and organic agent. Protect fresh mortar from rain,
frost, drying wind. In hot weather, dampen the background adequately and cure the work by applying a light water
mist several times for a period of 72 hours.

Suitable background
Masonry units conform to BS EN 771 or Mineral Background with Rt ≥ 0.3 MPa. Background must be clean, free of
dust, biological growth, capillarity raises, water infiltration and salts. For smooth and nonabsorbent substrates add
a bonding agent SBR (0.6l per 25 kg bag)

Add between 4.5 and 5 (max) litres of clean water per bag of 25 kg. Mix for maximum 10 minutes.

Consumption per 25 kg bag
1.6/1.7 kg per mm of thickness per m2

Application Recommendation
On a properly prepared background offering adequate keying, cast on or spray on a minimum of 10 mm in one pass for
floated finishes or a minimum of 15 mm if a scratched finish is required. On waterproofed or smooth backgrounds
spray or cast on a 1 st bonding coat of about 3 mm adding 0.6l of SBR per 25 kg bag. Straighten the work immediately
after with an appropriate tool. Float  after 2-3 hours or more depending on weather.

Granulometries (maximum grain size):
EF = 0.8mm TF= 1.3mm F= 1.8mm M= 2.5mm

  • Recommendation: Before starting, always try on a small test area.
  • Health and Safety: Follow the instructions on the safety data sheet and wear appropriate equipment (gloves, mask, safety shoes..)
  • This document is for general information only and does not constitute a specification. For further guidance, contact your Saint-Astier® agent.

For additional information, please contact directly Saint-Astier® Team – Email Enquiry Form

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EF, F, M, TF


020, 023, 026, 029, 057, 072, 075, 078, 086, 092, Other colour (contact us)

Bag weight

25 KG


Bag, Pallet (40 bags)