Based on Saint-Astier® lime, with specific aggregate and additives, St.One ® Chalk is a ready-to-mix mineral mortar  specially designed to imitate, repair and preserve chalk and/or chalky limestone.

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With our constant quality of natural lime and Limestone know-how Saint-Astier provides you with a durable and aesthetic solution for your repairs.

Our St.One® range is a unique and complete range with :

  • High Vapour Permeability
  • Compatible elasticity Modulus
  • Excellent Bonding Characteristics
  • High Durability
  • Perfect Workability (both soft & carved)
  • Matched Stone Types, Grain & Colour
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Very Soft


020, 023, 057, 086, 441, 892, 082, 083, 074, 264, 457, Other colour (contact us)

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22 KG

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