Natural and Sustainable Lime Repairs for MARBLE
Based on Limes from Saint-Astier, sands and specific additives, St.One ® MARBLE, is a mineral mortar ready to mix only with water, specially studied to repair / imitate and preserve marble.
For St.One® MARBLE , Saint-Astier Laboratory is matching the background on properties, granulometry and colours for your project.

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With our constant quality of natural lime and our know-how Saint-Astier provides you with a durable and aesthetic solution for your repairs in Marble.

Our St.One® range is a unique and complete range with :

  • High Vapour Permeability
  • Compatible elasticity Modulus
  • Excellent Bonding Characteristics
  • High Durability
  • Perfect Workability (both soft & carved)
  • Matched Stone Types, Grain & Colour
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927, 507, 122, 304, 101, 940, Other colour (contact us)

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5 KG, 10 KG, 20 KG

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