Natural Hydraulic Lime base coat plaster to unify background, it can also be used for plaster repairs.
Free of cement, ashes and other pozzolanic additions associated with its other qualities makes TRADI HC™ STIPPLE highly suitable for repair or recoating of cement mortars, gypsum plaster and composite background where different material are present (plasterboards, timbers, concrete…).
It provides a uniform background to magnify the lime finish.

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20 KG20 KG


  • High Elasticity
  • Bonding on difficult substrate
  • Provide fine basecoat for smooth finishes
  • Low Shrinkage

Shelf life and Guarantee
12 months from production date if kept sealed in original container and stored in dry conditions. Manufacturer Civil Responsibility.

Working Temperature
Not below 8oC or above 30oC. Protect work from adverse weather conditions until the finishing coat is applied and fully cured. In hot weather, cure with light water mist for the first 48 hours. Observe current health and safety regulations.

In ordering drum mixes or with a mortar wisk (mix for about 5 minutes). Do NOT over saturate the mortar. The mortar is workable for up to 4 hours, depending on weather conditions

Water addition
4.5 to 5 liters per 20 kg bag

Consumption per 20 kg bag
1.7 kg per mm of thickness per m2

Clean and dust free sound background
External and Internal use: Waterproofed, Painted Surfaces, Metal, Masonry, Terracota, Ceramic Tiles,
Plasterboards, Cement Renders, Roman Cement,
Internal Use only: Gypsum gauged mortars, Lime renders Plasters, Insulation Boards
Do not hesitate to consult us for any technical advice and additional recommendation.

Recommendation: Before starting, always try on a small test area.
Health and Safety: Follow the instructions on the safety data sheet and wear appropriate equipment (gloves, mask, safety shoes…)
This document is for general information only and does not constitute a specification. For further guidance, contact your Saint-Astier® agent.

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20 KG