Authentic recipe of Lime Mortar for polished stucco finish, Fresco work and Fresco painting.
TRADI HC™ STUCC is a pre mixed pure lime mortar developed to obtain a polished surface. It consists of natural lime, fine granulometry aggregates including Talc and additives to
assist the applicator against shrinkage and tearing. It does not contain cement or other pozzolanic components.

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  • VOC free
  • Authentic colours
  • Breathable
  • Finishing matt or glossy

Shelf life and Guarantee
12 months from production date if kept sealed in original container and stored in dry conditions. Manufacturer Civil Responsibility.

Working Temperature
Not below 8° C or above 30° C. Do not use warm air dryers.

Suitable Background
Can be applied to gypsum plaster, cement and/or lime backgrounds, bricks, blocks and untreated timber. In order to avoid shadowing from differential background, support uniformization shall be done using TRADI HC™ PLASTER BASE (
Make a compatibility test in a small area before applying totally (specially for timber background).

1kg of TRADI HC™ STUCC + 600/800 grams water. Use a powerful whisk for about 5 minutes adding water gradually. Longer if mixed manually. If possible, leave the mixed mortar for a few hours or until the day after to achieve an even greater workability.

About 1.5 kg per mm of thickness per m².

The application background has to be prepared to offer a smooth surface without protruding coarse aggregate grains that might cause tearing when the TRADI HC™ STUCC is floated. To prepare the background use Saint-Astier® NHL lime mortars with a fine aggregate (0 to 0.8mm) top coat, floated with a wooden float. On plasterboards or background with no suction apply a first coat of TRADI HC™ PLASTER BASE (about 3mm), floated with a steel float is applied after 12 hours or when the TRADI HC™ PLASTER BASE is sufficiently dry but not totally dry. This coat will be straightened to provide a very straight surface.

*TRADI HC™ PLASTER BASE is a special ready-mix preparation coat that is applied directly on plasterboards, timber, cement surfaces, tiles and even on wallpaper to accept a lime mortar base coat. On a straight surface, apply the 1st coat of TRADI HC™ STUCC (about 0.5mm), float with a steel float as a normal plaster. Wait for it to dry sufficiently before applying the second coat (about 12 hours). The 2nd coat, again very thin, will be applied as a skim and floated again with a steel float. During floating, use a small amount of natural soap diluted in water (ratio 1: 10 or more) either on the float or sprayed with an atomiser. It will be firmly pressed on to the point where some polished effects can begin to dry for about 2 – 3 hours or until it has reached sufficient hardness to accept the subsequent polishing action. To obtain a polished finish (Marmorino type), when the surface is dry and hard enough, work on it with a small Marmorino stainless steel float (280x120mm or 200 x 80mm). The pressing action has to be quite powerful and the angle on the float should be kept quite acute. Either on the float or on the surface apply small amounts of Black Soap, Carnauba Wax or Linseed oil. and spread this onto the surface by floating. The size and direction of the marble “veins” that will be formed depends on the floating action (short or wider strokes, semi-circular and in different directions depending on the visual preference). Further polishing is obtained by using a natural, pigment free beeswax applied with a soft, clean cloth about 2 to 3 days from completing the work.

Recommendation: Before starting, always try on a small test area.
Health and Safety: : Follow the instructions on the safety data sheet and wear appropriate equipment (gloves, mask, safety shoes…)
This document is for general information only and does not constitute a specification. For further guidance, contact your Saint-Astier® agent.

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