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Saint-Astier Limestone Ultra-High Performance solutions
Sustainable Renders - Vibrant and Permanent Finishes

In New Build Buildings Construction, SAINT-ASTIER® proposes a full choice of lime-based sustainable renders which improve over time and bring a naturally vibrant and permanent aspect to contemporary and modern architectural designs.

These ready-mixed Renders and Stuccos are specially formulated to be easy to use and machine pump applied on all concrete and cement block constructions.

They can be applied in single protective coats or in successive coats for build-up and aesthetic formwork which enhance the natural brilliance of the mineral renders.

They are also naturally resistant to organic growth dur to the natural Ph of Lime.

Why use Saint-Astier Limes Renders and Plasters ?


Strong of its 100 years of experiences, Saint-Astier has developped since more than 40 years a complete range of New Build Lime Renders and Plasters with the High Quality Lime of Saint-Astier Natural Limes.


Qualities of Saint-Astier lime Renders and Plasters

Renders and Plasters designed with Saint-Astier Natural Limes

The bonding characteristics of our Natural Limes Renders and Plasters range, combined with a good background preparation, correct suction control, appropriate binder : aggregate ratio and good workmanship will ensure the durability of a render

Bonding to the background is essential. This is provided by ensuring that the background offers a good key, by controlling the background suction and by casting on/harling at least the first coat on smooth or poorly keyed surfaces

Natural Limes Mortars will combine the ability to resist water penetration whilst allowing the structure to breathe freely. Values above o.5 grams of air per m² per hour are acceptable. Natural Lime Mortars have beetween 0.55 to 0.75 (the value for concrete is about 0.15)

The elasticity of SAINT-ASTIER Natural Limes mortars and renders and the near Zero expansion in Natural Limes Binders are such that joint free contructions is possible

Accordion Content
Accordion Content

Versatility of use

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