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In Restoration and Conservation Projects, it is of the utmost importance that mortars are compatible, chemically and mechanically, with the existing mortars and with the building materials present.

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In Renovation Projects, it is important to consider and understand the Building as a “Whole” which evolves over time and has to be preserved for future generation. By selecting and applying a high-quality solutions by Saint-Astier which are sustainable over time, you are guaranteed an aesthetic and durable renovation.

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Hemp and Lime construction, renovation and retrofit methods are used primarily to create eco-friendly, sustainable and insulating floors, walls, partitions and attics. Using SAINT-ASTIER@ Hemp-Llime® Solutions with carefully selected and calibrated hemp you reduce the overall CO2 “cost” or impact of your materials and your works.

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Specialized solutions

St.One are a specially formulated range of mortars, based on high quality standards from Saint-Astier® for the conservation and repairing of masonry, brick, or stone.

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Saint-Astier® could provide a full Desalination solution for your project, working in two coats.

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Lime / hemp solutions are used more and more, in new construction or in natural renovation, to provide a comfortable habitat, thermal and acoustic insulation, in addition to a Humidity control.

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Exceptional Skills & Know-How

With its unique skills and know-how, with its collaborators expertise and passion, SAINT-ASTIER is both an artisan, Maître Chaufournier and an industry player able to provide you a unique and specified solution to realize and accomplish conservation, restauration, renovation and as well modern architectural creations, with a total respect for Buildings and Generations.

Worldwide Standards

Saint-Astier is working with certified Institute to comply with prevailing standard throughout the world.

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